Think U Know Home Activity Packs for Parents and Children

Think U Know have published some very good resources for children aged 4-5, 5-7 and 8-10 (along with resources for older children, too).  Click here to access their full range of worksheets.

E-Safety: Further Information for Parents

E-Safety in our school

The Internet and new technologies such as tablets and smartphones have had a great effect on our daily lives and have improved the education of all children, but with the use of these technologies there are some associated risks. At Sacred Heart, e-safety is a topic which is revisited throughout each year. Students are given an introduction to understanding the risks associated with the internet and how they can stay safe online. This is a brief outline of what we cover in each year.

Year 1

Being Safe Online

Year 2

Stranger Danger

Year 3

Stranger Danger; SMART Rules for Internet Safety

Year 4

SMART Rules for Internet Safety

Year 5

Keeping E-safe – cyberbullying, mobile phones, abusive texts, digital video, social networking, instant messaging, premium rate numbers

Year 6

Keeping E-safe – security of personal information, online identity, online grooming, internet chatrooms, social networking, mobile phones and texting



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