Mandatory Information

Information Location

School Contact Details (School Name, Postal Address, Telephone Number and contact name for enquiries)

Our full contact details are available on our contact details page.

Admission Arrangements 

The school's Admissions Policy and Arrangements for School and for Nursery are available by clicking here. The supplementary faith form is also available here.

Ofsted Reports

The school's most recent Ofsted Report can be accessed by clicking here, and a link to the ParentView website can be found by clicking here.

Exam and Assessment Results

Our exam and assessment results can be found by clicking here.
Our school performance tables can be found by clicking

Performance Details

Our school data dashboard can be found by clicking Sacred Heart School Data Dashboard.


Curriculum content for all year groups can be found via the Curriculum Statement page.

Relationships and Sex Education

Our Relationships and Sex Education Policy can be found by clicking here.

Behaviour Policy

Our Behaviour Policy can be found by clicking here.  The Governing Body's Statement on Behaviour can be found here, and the Hierarchy of Discipline Procedure can be found here.

Pupil Premium

Information about our Pupil Premium can be found by clicking here.

PE and Sports Premium

Details of our Sports Premium Grant spending can be found here

School SEN Information Report

Our School SEN Information Report can be found here.

Charging and Remissions Policy

Our Charging and Remissions Policy can be downloaded by clicking here.

Values and Ethos

Our Mission Statement can be found here.


Our Equality Policy and Objectives can be found here.  The most current evaluation of these objectives can be found  can be found here.

School Governors

Information about our School Governors can be found here.

Complaints Policy

Our Complaints Policy can be found here.


Our safeguarding information and policy can be found here