Year 1

18th June Message from Mrs Mason

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you back to Year One on Monday 22nd June between 8.50am and 9.00am. Below is information about returning to school and also a lovely little booklet attached which explains what a bubble is. It is written with children in mind and it would be helpful if you could find some time to share it with your child before they return to school on Monday:  Coming back to school in a Bubble - a book for children

Please also find time to read the following documents:



Hi Children

We are missing you, and cannot even begin to tell you how PROUD of you we are for staying at home and keeping everyone safe. We have found a way for you to access some of our reading books online.

Remember to ask your grown up to take lots of photographs of things you are getting up to, and send them to

  • Mrs Hart's Class:

  • Mrs Beardsworth's Class:

Keep working hard! We would love to hear about how you are getting along with The Oak Academy lessons each day. We can’t wait to be back together again.

See you all soon,
Mrs Beardsworth and Mrs Hart.


Mrs Beardsworth Home Learning Overview.pdf

Mrs Hart Home Learning Overview.pdf


Week Thirteen (6th July)

Here are suggested learning activities for this week:

Week Twelve (29th June)

Here are suggested learning activities for this week:

Week Eleven (22nd June)

Here are suggested learning activities for this week:

Week Ten (15th June)

Here are some suggested activities for this week:

Week Nine (8th June)

Here are some suggested activities for this week:

Week Eight (1st June)

Here are some suggested activities to try this week.

Week Seven (18th May) Message from Mrs Mason

I hope that you are all keeping safe and well at home. I am hearing that many of you are finding things a bit tough as the weeks go on. It is really hard for everyone and your grown-ups will be expecting a lot from you. Try your very best to stay calm and to find some time each day to do something that you like and enjoy.

I have tried to find time to practice playing my clarinet. I played the Last Post and We’ll Meet Again last week. I am missing playing with my orchestra and I am looking forward to when we can return. In the meantime, I am driving Mr Mason mad with my practice, but he’s happier this week, as he can start to play golf again!

I hope you find the opportunity to laugh with your families in the coming weeks.

Best wishes,
Mrs Mason

Week Six (11th May) Message from Mrs Mason

I hope you all enjoyed the 75th Anniversary Celebrations of VE Day, on the 8th May and over the weekend. The sun has been shining and everyone in my street has been flying flags and displaying bunting. It brought smiles and positivity to everyone. Did you sing; ‘We’ll meet again’?

Keep going with your home learning, don’t give up, and keep RESILIENT. Be PROUD of yourselves and let’s all look forward to the days when we will meet again.

Best wishes,
Mrs Mason

Week Five (4th May) Message from Mrs Mason

Well done everyone for getting on so well with your home learning. I am enjoying looking at all your pictures from home and I know that your teachers are very proud of you. There are lots of lessons on Oak Academy and many interesting ideas on the web links to keep you busy. Each year group has a link to Oxford Owl, which has lots of ‘reading books’ to keep your reading skills up to scratch. Your teachers have added more learning activities for this week too.

Good luck with your next week’s learning!

Mrs Mason

Week Four (27th April)

We are now in week two of our Summer Term and your teachers would like you to complete the lessons on Oak National Academy. Just click in the link below and then find your year group. Look at the top right of the screen and click on schedule. This will take you to three lessons for each day: Maths, English and Topic. These lessons started last week, how are you getting along?

Your Sacred Heart teachers can’t be with you at the moment and so these lessons are being led by other teachers – you can see them on the screen as they lead the lessons. How good are you at listening and following instructions with thought and care? Try your best to keep up with your learning every day if you can.

Your teacher has also uploaded lots of learning activities to keep you busy too. So you shouldn’t be bored at all. You have a whole day’s worth of learning, every day.

Good luck, and I hope that you enjoy this different style of learning!

Mrs Mason

Week Three (20th April)

Here are suggested learning activities for this week:

Week Two (30th March)

Here are suggested learning activities for this week:

Week One (23rd March)

Here are suggested learning activities for this week:

Mrs Beardsworth's learning ideas

Useful Weblinks

Joe Wicks video workouts for kids

body coach.jpg 

GoNoodle – kids love this to guided dances, exercise and mindfulness activities


TTS activities for all ages


Register for The School Run to get lots of ideas for schooling at home

school run 1.jpg 

Topmarks – lots of resources for parents to use

Top Marks.jpg 

Numberfun (now has free login for home)

Number Fun.png 

Phonics Bloom:  another site with fun activities to keep practising phonics

Phonics Bloom.png 


Reading Books Online:

oxford owl.jpg

(Click My Class Login)

Mrs Beardsworth’s class
Username: MrsB123
Password: ReceptionY1

Mrs Hart’s Class
Username: shyear1
Password: toysinspace

Science Learning Materials

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Phonics Play.jpg


If you or your child are having any problem using our Home Learning pages or weblinks, please send an email to: If possible, please attach a screen shot.