Hello Everybody,

Week Fourteen (13th July)

This week is our final week of home learning! Your last week of being in Reception - can you believe it? We have uploaded some work to do with moving into Year One, together with some activities for PE, addition and subtraction.

We think it is such a shame that our school year was cut short, but you have all made us so proud this year, especially with your fantastic home learning! In true Sacred Heart style, you have shown RESILIENCE and haven't given up.

We have loved seeing all the work and fun tasks you have completed at home with your family. We will always look back on this time in years to come with many happy memories of lockdown life.

Over the summer holidays we would like you to make lots of happy memories - laugh so much that your belly hurts and spend lots of precious time with your family and friends.

We love you all lots, our lockdown Reception of 2020!

Miss Duffy and Mrs Beardsworth xxx

There are more suggested learning activities for this week at Oak Academy, too.

Week Thirteen (6th July)

This week, most of our learning will be linked to a teddy bear’s picnic! 


We are continuing with our topic, God’s World. Have a look at the document uploaded to see what our RE tasks for this week are.   We would also like you to watch this short clip all about a letter Pope Francis wrote to the world. It is so important to care for our world, and everybody needs to work together to make it better. 

Here it is:


We would like you to have a go at sharing your teddy bear’s picnic food fairly between your teddy bears. Have a look at the document we have uploaded to the website for some inspiration. 


We would like you to think of a menu for your picnic, and write down your menu in simple sentences using your phonic knowledge.   When you have decided on your menu, you will need to go shopping for your ingredients so make sure you write a shopping list. 

Next, you will need to decide who you are going to invite to the picnic and create some invitations!  Don’t forget to write to us and tell us all about your picnic - we can’t wait to hear what you’ve been up to.


Have a look at our two documents about Teddy Bear Breathing. This is something we have been really enjoying at school.


This week, we would like you to have a go at Cosmic Kids Yoga - We’re Going on a Bear Hunt! This can be found on YouTube:

There are more suggested learning activities for this week at Oak Academy, too.

Week Twelve (29th June)


This week we are looking at taking care of God’s world. Have a look at the RE – Week 12 document.


We would like you to learn the below song, thinking about how we can be kind to one another and spread love and happiness across the world.

We would love it if you could film yourself singing the song and send it to us on an email!


This week we are counting on and back to find an answer. Remember – when you are counting on, you jump along the top of a number line but when you are counting back, you jump underneath the number line.


In school, we are keeping a track of the weather each day, and we would like you to do the same. Can you have a go at keeping a daily weather diary? If you have an outdoor thermometer, you could even keep a record of what the temperature is each day.


It’s very important to get lots of fresh air to keep us healthy and happy. Have a look at some of our outdoor fresh air challenge cards and let us know which ones you complete.


Have a go at making your own exercise circuit, using the cards we have uploaded onto the website. How quickly can you complete your circuit? Why not challenge your grown up to a race!

There are more suggested learning activities for this week at Oak Academy, too.

Week 11 (22nd June)


This week we are continuing with the number 20. We would like you to order numbers from 0-20 - you could write the numbers on paper and order them in your living room, or if the weather is sunny you could write them in the garden using water and a paintbrush! We have also uploaded a cut and stick activity if you would prefer to use that.

We are also going to be looking at sharing numbers equally. Have a little look at the challenge sheet we have uploaded and see if you can complete any of the tasks.


The weather is getting warmer and we are now in the season of Summer. It’s very important to stay safe in the sun so we would like you to have a look at the PowerPoint, then make a poster with some simple sentences on to inform others how to keep safe during the sunny months. Can you include any tricky red words? Have you used your Fred Fingers to help you sound out the words? Don’t forget finger spaces!


This week we have uploaded a Dance activity for you to try. It’s based on the theme of animals!

In school, we are going to be looking at different animals that live in the Rainforest. We are going to have a go at creating our own dance to the sounds of the rainforest using some ideas from the ‘PE at home - Dance’ challenge.


We would like you to have a little go at making your very own ‘Lockdown Memories’ jar this week. You could use the template we have uploaded or you could use a jar in your house and write down your favourite memories and pop them inside. We thought this would be a nice keepsake to look back on when things are back to normal.


This week in our topic ‘our world’ we are looking at how everyone shares in God’s world.

We can't wait to see you all again, we are missing you!

Lots of love,
Miss Duffy and Mrs Beardsworth

Week Ten (15th June)

Here are some suggested activities for this week:

Week Nine (8th June)

Here are some suggested activities for this week:

Week Eight (1st June)

Here are some suggested activities to try this week.

Week Seven (18th May) Message from Mrs Mason

I hope that you are all keeping safe and well at home. I am hearing that many of you are finding things a bit tough as the weeks go on. It is really hard for everyone and your grown-ups will be expecting a lot from you. Try your very best to stay calm and to find some time each day to do something that you like and enjoy.

I have tried to find time to practice playing my clarinet. I played the Last Post and We’ll Meet Again last week. I am missing playing with my orchestra and I am looking forward to when we can return. In the meantime, I am driving Mr Mason mad with my practice, but he’s happier this week, as he can start to play golf again!

I hope you find the opportunity to laugh with your families in the coming weeks.

Best wishes,
Mrs Mason

Week Six (11th May) Message from Mrs Mason

I hope you all enjoyed the 75th Anniversary Celebrations of VE Day, on the 8th May and over the weekend. The sun has been shining and everyone in my street has been flying flags and displaying bunting. It brought smiles and positivity to everyone. Did you sing; ‘We’ll meet again’?

Keep going with your home learning, don’t give up, and keep RESILIENT. Be PROUD of yourselves and let’s all look forward to the days when we will meet again.

Best wishes,
Mrs Mason

Week Five (4th May) Message from Mrs Mason

Well done everyone for getting on so well with your home learning. I am enjoying looking at all your pictures from home and I know that your teachers are very proud of you. There are lots of lessons on Oak Academy and many interesting ideas on the web links to keep you busy. Your teachers have added more learning activities for this week too.

Good luck with your next week’s learning!

Mrs Mason

Week Four (27th April)

We are now in week two of our Summer Term and your teachers would like you to complete the lessons on Oak National Academy. Just click in the link below and then find your year group. Look at the top right of the screen and click on schedule. This will take you to three lessons for each day: Maths, English and Topic. These lessons started last week, how are you getting along?

Your Sacred Heart teachers can’t be with you at the moment and so these lessons are being led by other teachers – you can see them on the screen as they lead the lessons. How good are you at listening and following instructions with thought and care? Try your best to keep up with your learning every day if you can.

Your teacher has also uploaded lots of learning activities to keep you busy too. So you shouldn’t be bored at all. You have a whole day’s worth of learning, every day.

Good luck, and I hope that you enjoy this different style of learning!

Mrs Mason

Week Three (20th April)

Here are suggested learning activities for this week:

Week Two (30th March)

Here are suggested learning activities for this week:

Week One (23rd March)

Here are suggested learning activities for this week:

Weblinks and Ideas

Phonics PlayPhonics Play.jpg

Here you can access interactive phonics games which your children really enjoy playing during their ‘choosing time’ at school.


Storyline Onlinestoryline online.png



Book Trustbooktrust-new-logo.jpg

This is a useful website where you can listen to stories read by actors. There are also some activities alongside each of the story books.


Focus on Focus on ‘Grade K’ resources.



Number Funnumber fun.jpg

You can sign up to this website for a 30 day trial completely free – this is a great Maths resource.



Switch Zoo

switch zoo.jpg

Have a look at building habitats for animals, talking about where certain animals come from and solving puzzles.



Scholastic Classroom Magazinesscholastic.jpg




National Geographic for Kidsnat geo kids.jpg

This can be useful for researching the orangutan.



YouTube Channels

National Geographic Kids

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Number Jacks



 alpha blocks.jpg

Number Blocks

number blocks.jpg 

Learning Blocks

 learning blocks.jpg

Cosmic Kids Yoga

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Reading Books Online:

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